Consultancy and Training

Helping you make sense of cyber security

Small Organisations

Review and Improve

Both technology and cyber threats evolve rapidly, so our consultancy aims to empower decision makers, helping them to understand cyber risks well enough to evaluate them alongside their other business risks.

Whether you are starting from scratch with a cyber security policy, want to test your incident management procedures, or need to update your processes to comply with GDPR, our pragmatic mix of direct advice and decision-maker coaching aims to create business owners and trustees who know which questions to ask.

This can be paired with employee awareness training, helping you improve the company’s security culture.

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DIY Review

Prefer to learn how to review your own security? Want the skills to be able to think over your risk each time you read something new in the press? We offer a half day course that will teach you the basics for reviewing your own security and prioritising your business’ needs.

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Small Business Ecosystems

What happens when what you need to review is a group of small businesses, legally separate, but inextricably tangled?

We offer options for groups of businesses to review their collective security, enabling everybody to achieve a common benchmark and plan improvements.

We combine consultancy and training to offer this service, so that it fits your organisational structure. Central supplier needing to offer a cyber security review as part of your service? Maybe you’re a group of specialists who need to demonstrate a consistent quality of security? Perhaps reviewing each business separately simply isn’t cost-effective.

See the table to the left for examples of how OCSRC’s consultancy and training products can be combined to secure your ecosystem.

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Supply Chain Security

Enumerate Supply Chain Risk in Large Organisations

Businesses don’t exist in a vacuum and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Small organisations and employees working from home can become the point of entry for attackers targeting large organisations.

At the same time small organisations and consumers don’t implement the same type of IT systems found in large companies… it is incredibly challenging to align their cyber security practices with those of large supply chain risk-holders.

We use our research and experience of working with small organisations to bring a granularity to our cyber security reviews and help large companies find solutions to reducing their supply chain risk, however complex their network of suppliers.

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Training Business Leaders

360° Cyber Security

Want to learn the basics of cyber security from someone who speaks plain English? We offer decision-maker training that builds cyber security knowledge on top of the things you already know.

Struggle when someone starts “cyber security is…[insert technical jargon here]”?

Find it hard to tie what you already know about security to your role and decisions?

Our 360° cyber security course helps you to explore the ways you use technology to facilitate business processes and how cyber security reduces the risk of our reliance on IT.

The 2-day course builds an understanding of cyber risk that lets you align it with your evaluation of other business risks. The 4-day course covers all the content of the 2-day course, then gives you the vocabulary you need to translate your techies and get the advice you need.

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Cyber Security for the Board

Combining a 30-minute training module covering “the things board members ought to know about cyber security” with a mixture of Q&A and 1-to-1 executive coaching. No matter your background, this is the first step towards understanding cyber security strategy.

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Executive coaching

OCSRC specialises in providing advice and training to non-technical decision makers and strategists in accessible language.

Sometimes those decision makers want to learn at their own speed, find out that there no silly questions without an audience, or go beyond the content we can offer in a one-day course.

For this reason we offer 1-to-1 coaching for decision makers in any size or type of organisation.

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